Rufy's Neotaberna


our history

It was back in May 1997 when Sagrario and Rufino started as hoteliers at Bar Lepanto. Kitchen and Living Room, Tabernacle and Rufino, in that order, were launched from the good “pairing” of this singular couple.

Back then we were young, starting a new stage in our lives, with our own hospitality business. My goodness……!

But yes. Little by little we became known in Daimiel, reaching a very good clientele, which we continue to maintain today.

And with great desire to continue acquiring knowledge, faithful to our usual line. Before, and now in our new project Rufy's Neotaberna, we strive to establish ourselves in this other concept of hospitality business, a step above what has been known up to now and developed from our professional enthusiasm.

We are already two years old in our new premises, adapted to the modern demands of the hotel sector in Daimiel and surroundings, being a point of reference in the region.

Rufy´s Neotaberna has and offers gastronomic services of recognized level, available to all sectors of society, adapting to the disposition of all types of diners.

Business meals, family gatherings, restaurant, bar, terrace..., are served from the personal style that distinguishes our house, creating a point of empathy between client and restaurateur.